Hello First Post!

Finally I decide to air this little site that I call my personal blog! It is really annoying how long I can fiddle with just the slightest differences of two shades of light blue and not find a solution that is a hundred percent statisfying!

It is not even done yet. There are several things that bug me, like the symbols on the menu on the right. There aren’t any? Exactly my point!


This place is mostly intended for a collection of my stuff. But why even bother with it? Well there are some reasons I think this space is useful for me.

  1. There are some weird, random, some would even dare to say interesting thoughts my neurons are fabricating now and then. I often think of writing them down and exploring them, but until now that rarely almost never happened. It would be nice to not have them vanish forever for a change, to have a collection of my history of random thoughts and rants and to think: Oh jolly, how fun was that moment! That would be nifty.

  2. I want to be more productive, make more stuff to show the world. There are some things from my past that I maybe will gobble up to display them here for completeness (but not my cringy song covers or dust collecting teenage love poems shudder ), but foremost, I want to put up some new stuff. Currently, I try to learn how to do data visualization in d3.js and I hope I find enough time to make some first demos soon. I also have some other projects in my mind, that I want to do at one point in my life. Like designing a board or card game. Or I can finish that local multiplayer snake I began making once. Time will tell.

  3. If the moment is convenient, I also want to provide some tutorials to do stuff. This can be anything that I know, but I have to be sure that it is something useful to know and not explained thousands of times over in the internet.

  4. Besides rants and thoughts (and also because I like numbered lists), I also will include diary like entries about specific things. Situations, dialogues, photos, drawings, recounts of visiting places… These are all things I could put up here. How versatile! But seriously, I want to see how this goes as it goes. Then I can decide how to split the site up, how tagging should work. I sometimes even have the want to write a poem! So if there are enough, there might be a poem section. How daring!

  5. I want to make the most of the free time I have, this is why I write. Also, because I have the feeling of impending doom (or let us better say, impending sense of having little time) when I will start working. So while at uni, I should sprawl my arms around everything to try!

First post done!